About Us

At Enoobs, we create unified and verified gamer identities by combining KYC verifiability, robust stats aggregation, and detailed gaming achievements. Our platform showcases your skills across all partnered platforms, streamlining your gaming journey with a game-specific Single Sign-On (SSO) system for effortless access.

Enoobs is a centralized hub for discovering and managing cross-platform events and tournaments, making it easy to track your participation and achievements. We also provide valuable analytics to gaming companies, offering insights into user behavior and market trends to inform data-driven decisions.

Join Enoobs to enhance your gaming experience with a unified identity, seamless integration, vibrant social interactions, and comprehensive event management.


Our Team

Bonnie Avatar

Anish Kapoor

Chief executive Officer

Product Owner NexBloc, Securvaults, Iotric

Jese Avatar

Ved Prakash

Chief Technology Officer

Serial Entrepenuer Iotric, NexBloc, MyIDFI

Michael Avatar

Gagandeep Singh

Technical Lead

Team Lead Izzyhomes, ThirdEye, FriendsChat

Sofia Avatar

Vishwanath Reddy

Solutions Architect

Technical Architect Croplife, Hindxr, Kardiogenics

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